DeNet Storage Protocol

DeNet is a unique, self-contained decentralized storage protocol. Launched in 2017, DeNet offers an opportunity to utilize spare storage capacities all over the globe eliminating the need for centralized data centers. By leveraging blockchain technology, smart contracts and the core principles of Web3, the DeNet Storage Protocol offers a mutually beneficial solution for all network participants, restoring the data ownership for users.

Built-on services

There are several services built on the DeNet Storage Protocol with a high competitiveness in both Web2 and Web3 markets: DeNet Storage mobile app, DeNet Node, DeNet Payments, DeNet Market, DeNet Desk. Anyone can utilize the protocol to create a new service.


  • Multichain – the ability to run on any blockchain;
  • Self-stabilizing storage price;
  • Low hardware requirements for Datakeepers (Node runners);
  • Full decentralization;
  • Low latency;
  • No redundancy of stored data.

Problems solved by the protocol

DeNet Storage Protocol aims to solve the global data storage issues: DeNet Presentation