Store&Earn program

It is a one-of-a-kind concept unlike anything before — it not only empowers users to earn for storing their data, but also incentivizes them to embrace the advantages of a decentralized network through various tasks.

The underlying concept behind Store&Earn is straightforward. Users are rewarded for securely storing their data in a decentralized storage app, but DeNet Storage takes it a step further by multiplying the rewards for active network participants.

The program is a remarkable endeavor that aims to make decentralized storage technologies more accessible and widely embraced. Its simplicity, coupled with its usefulness, makes it highly appealing to both Web2 and Web3 users. And Store&Earn will play a significant role in enlightening even more individuals.

More about the program

Install DeNet Storage to join the program

How to participate in the Store&Earn program

  • Join the Store&Earn program by installing DeNet Storage, making a storage deposit and uploading a file.

  • Your total reward depends on your Balance reward (basic reward which increases with your storage balance) and Total boost (boost can be increased by completing different tasks).


Here are the tasks to increase Total boost:

  • Entering a referral code: Get +2 to total boost for 1 week by using a referral code;

  • Uploading files: Earn up to +0.5 to total boost for uploading data;

  • Making X (Twitter) posts: Get a weekly +1 to total boost by sharing experience with Store&Earn on your social media channel;

  • Staking tokens: Stake DE tokens and get +0.5 to total boost, earning additional rewards for staking;

  • Running a DeNet Node: Take your participation to new heights by running a DeNet Node, earning a whopping +2.5 to total boost in addition to income from being a Datakeper in the DeNet network.


Additionally, you can invite friends and receive 20% from your referral's reward, and get +30% if you're a Datakeeper.