Closing a TBY_Mined deposit

TBY_ Mined is a reward for participants in the DeNet Storage Protocol ecosystem who provide their storage resources (Datakeepers). Withdrawal of DE from the smart contract is done by the reverse process: Deposit DE close

  1. Datakeeper determines the amount of TBY_Mined to close a deposit at the offered DE to TBY_Mined ratio and transfers TBY_Mined to the smart contract.
  2. According to the current proportion of DE to TBY_Mined, the smart contract unlocks DE except for the Pay-out Fee regulated by the Consensus members and transfers DE to the Datakeepers' address.
  3. The transferred amount of TBY_Mined is burned.
  4. Pay-out fee includes Unburn Percent parameter, which is determined by Consensus participants through on-chain voting. This parameter is responsible for defining the amount of DE returned to the Datakeepers and affects the decrease in the future proportion when opening a deposit.
  5. The smart contract determines the proportion during the next deposit opening.

Each transaction to unlock DE always decreases the proportion of the next deposit opening because part of TBY Mined, sent to the withdrawal is not burned.