DeNet Node

DeNet enables utilization of existing storage capacities as part of the DePIN concept.

Here’s how it works:

  • no need for significant computing power; earn rewards by sharing free storage space;

  • files are replicated across at least 3 and without a maximum number of nodes for security; each file is encrypted for privacy;

  • Proof-of-Storage algorithm verifies stored fragments, enabling payment transactions;

  • three simple steps: provide space, store data securely, and get paid.

Instructions on becoming a Datakeeper and launching a Node

Benefits of being a Datakeeper

  • accessibility for all: minimal technical requirements open opportunities for everyone;

  • no intermediaries: fair interactions among Datakeepers, users, and developers;

  • environmental impact: Proof-of-Storage promotes eco-friendly mining by reusing unused space;

  • Beneficial conditions within Store&Earn program: 500% APY from initial deposit.