DeNet Storage Protocol v.3

Smart Contracts

  • Payments smart contract (0x1a9b54A3075119f1546C52cA0940551A6ce5d2D0), which manages the opening and closing of storage deposits and the issuance and burning of TBY. This SC works in connection with the Proof-of-Storage SC.

  • Proof-of-Storage smart contract (0x4d37D386462D16e25079E5c6d24f5176E64C4118), which allows DeNet nodes to send proofs for file storage, open and close deposits by appealing to the Payments SC, and deduct payment in favor of the node when submitting the proof.

  • Node NFT smart contract (0x9e8e137DCFd05aEC8208D379c5f5792b7aCf65c1), which manages the number of nodes connected to the DeNet network.

  • StakerV2 (Rent Protocol) smart contract (0x0F872713510626ECAfA51B8fb4c6c5D969840856).This contract enables the TBY renting within DeNet Storage Protocol, hence simplifying the process of opening network deposits.

The following functions of StakerV2 (Rent Protocol) are available:

  • Stake: allows users to lock TBY and receive payment from TBY renters, releasing stakedTBY
  • Unstake: allows users to unlock available TBY along with received rental payments, burning stakedTBY and issuing proportional reward + locked asset amount (if there are free tokens).
  • Borrow: allows users to rent TBY and receive rentedTBY to run a node. Charges user interest (rental fee). The rental fee is calculated proportionally to the free funds for borrowing, ranging from 2% to 1000% per year.
  • Repay: enables any user to repay the loan when the loan period is over and receive graceFee from the loan amount.