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DeNet Consensus

The DeNet Storage Protocol regulates the relationships between participants in the data storage network, including storage providers (miners) and users.
The DeNet Storage Protocol consists of the following components:
  • The Payments smart contract (0xe84DfA1a440daB5A5945F7774b22baf2B431D6D3), which manages the opening and closing of storage deposits and the issuance and burning of TBY. This SC works in connection with the Proof of Storage SC.
  • The Proof of Storage smart contract (0x9f09Ed9968cE5d45bf918492E7CD5Faaf4236180), which allows DeNet nodes to send proofs for file storage, open and close deposits by appealing to the Payments SC, and deduct payment in favor of the node when submitting the proof.
  • The Node NFT smart contract (0x3B0233f5B8798e11473247e3A6624f3a9FbCf5eE), which manages the number of nodes connected to the DeNet network.
The interests of the data storage network participants are directly dependent on the implementation and popularity of the DeNet Storage Protocol. Therefore, DeNet Consensus is motivated to develop and popularize the protocol.
The main goal of DeNet Consensus is to ensure:
  • The stability and security of the DeNet Storage Protocol.
  • The development of the DeNet Storage Protocol.
In accordance with this, the areas of DeNet Consensus government are:
  1. 1.
    Updating dynamic DeNet Storage Protocol settings.
  2. 2.
    Fully update or the deployment of new smart contracts for the DeNet Storage Protocol.
All government proposals must lead to the achievement of the DeNet Consensus's goals, and its components must not contradict each other. Otherwise, DIPs may be rejected by DeNet Consensus members.
Governance of DeNet Consensus occurs through on-chain real-time voting and off-chain governance, which requires agreement among all Consensus members before implementing a proposal. Governance of DeNet Consensus may change or expand in the future due to subsequent community decisions.
Members of DeNet Consensus government:
To participate in the governance of DeNet Consensus, it is necessary to be a holder of veTB governance tokens.
The governance of DeNet Consensus currently takes place at In the future, this website will only allow viewing governance data. Participation in DeNet Consensus will be possible through the DeNet Consensus Voting app on DeNet Market.